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HEWADY Portable Cat and Dog Carrier Bag,Pet Carrier Bag, Lightweight Soft Removable Mat and Breathable Mesh, Double Sided Expandable Cat Carrier Transport Bag for Dogs, Puppy and Cats

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Scalable side pet rack: Measuring pets before purchasing. The carrier size is 18.5'l x 11.4'w x 11.4'''h, the extensible size is 18.5''l x 28.7''W x 11.4''h by extending a grid window. Suitable for pets up to 18 "L x 10" W x 10 "h, maximum load is 15 pounds..
Two sides can be expanded: Unlike traditional travel bags, this vector has a side expandable, allowing your pet more comfortable to move, reducing imprisonment. .
For a variety of purposes of this scalable vessel, used for dogs and cats, pet houses in daily life, bring pets to pet hospitals, rest in the restaurant, with pet passengers bicycles. .
Safety and stability: We add a powerful wire frame at the top to eliminate the descending corners or bundle edges. It is built for pets, pets up to 14 pounds ...
Easy carrier and easy cleaning: pass the pet vector through the shoulder, place the seat belt, place it on the luggage or carry it with a top cover. Your car or a variety of travel and comfortable wool pet beds can be completely removed and washed.

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Product Features: Expandable Side Pet Carrier: Please measure pets before purchasing. One Side Expandable: Different from traditional travel bags, this carrier has one side expandable and gives your pet to move around more comfortably and reduces the anxiety of confinement. Multiple Use: There are multiple uses for this expandable carrier for dogs and cats, as pet house for pet daily living, carry pet to pet hospital, for pet resting at restaurant, self-traveling with pet on passenger seat. Safety and Stable: We have added a strong wire frame at the top for extra stability, eliminating sagging corners or bunched up edges. It is built for pets up to 14 pounds. Easy Carrier and Easy Clean: Wear the pet carrier over the shoulder, secure it in the car with seatbelt, place atop your luggage or carry it with the top handle. Versatile for your cars or all types of travel,and the cozy fleece pet bed can be completely removed and machine-washed.

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