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Gym Maniac Weight Lifting Waist Gym Belt | Adjustable Size, 2 Prong Buckle, Comfy Suede, Reinforced Stitching | Support Your Back & Alleviate Pains

(Gym Maniac Weight Lifting Waist Gym Belt | Adjustable Size, 2 Prong Buckle, Comfy Suede, Reinforced Stitching | Support Your Back & Alleviate Pains)

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Quick Overview

• STABILIZE YOUR BACK & REDUCE STRESS: Forget about stabbing back pains that would hinder you every move. Enjoy enhanced range of motion and lift those weights like you should. Nothing can stop you now with Gym Maniac waist belts on. Alleviate pains, reduce muscle stress, protect yourself against injuries and stabilize your spine.

• SKYROCKET YOUR WEIGHT LIFTING PERFORMANCES: How would you feel if you could increase your power, strength and muscle growth? Ecstatic, right? All you need is our gym belt and some weights. Improve your athletic performances; lift even more weights, and even increase lifting speed. And all that without jeopardizing perfect form.

• ADJUSTABLE SIZE CONFORMS TO YOUR NEEDS: Destined to please even the most demanding weight lifting needs, our padded gym belts are fully adjustable to ensure a comfy yet snug fit. Each lifting belt has a double prong roller metal buckle and 2 loops to secure the belt tab. No more belts coming loose. No more belts not fitting well.

• FOR ALL SPORTS, WORKOUTS & FITNESS SESSIONS: Our waist belts have foam lumbar pads and are ideal for men and women, athletes, gym fans, and sports enthusiasts. Perfect for weight and power lifting, gym workouts, bodybuilding, bench press, squats, deadlifts, cleans, bicep curls, snatches, bent-over rows, and CrossFit.

• WHEN QUALITY MEETS COMFORT: All of our suede weight lifting belts measure 4 inches and have just about the right size so as facilitate your training to the fullest. The double reinforced stitching, riveting underpinning and ultra resilient oil leather craftsmanship, guarantee that this waist belt can withstand some heavy duty use.

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Do you love weight lifting, powerlifting and strength training?

Want to ameliorate your lifting workouts?

Struggling with back pains and sore waist muscles?

Looking for a reliable gym belt that is fully adjustable?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then you should keep on reading. We have the ultimate waist belt designed for you.

Train like a real champion, break your own personal weight lifting records and make everyone wonder.

Forget about lifting weights without wearing a belt. Forget about waist belts that restrict your moves. Forget about cheaply made gym belts that fall apart only after a month.

Invest in a Gym Maniac suede belt and find your peace of mind again.

Put it on, soothe back aches and pains, cushion your spine, protect your back, and support your abs like never before.

This belt could increase your lifting efficiency so you could bang out a little more weight than you used to do. Draw more power out of your abs, reduce the chances of injury and protect yourself even during the most extreme training sessions.

· Premium suede lining belt.

· Supportive foam lumbar pad.

· Double prongs, double loops. Double security.

· Fully adjustable gym waist belt.

· Ultra resilient oil fixed leather. Made to last!

· For all kinds of sports and lifting sessions.

· Unisex gym belt for women and men.

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