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Sony Wireless Headphones

(Sony Wireless Headphones)

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Quick Overview

• True wireless design with uninterrupted Bluetooth streaming.

• Digital Noise Cancelling lets you listen without distractions.

• Sony|Headphones Connect APP for Android /iOS uses Smart Listening technology to control your ambient sound settings .

• Smart Listening by Adaptive Sound Control automatically switches to ambient sound mode based on your activity. Ambient Sound mode to hear essential sound without taking your headphones off.

• A 6mm driver for crisp, clear sound

• Enjoy up to 9 hours of battery life with the chargeable carrying case.

• Conversation flows freely with hands-free calling through the left earpiece. Leave your phone where it is: just speak with a tap.

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From the manufacturer

Premium Noise Canceling True Wireless Headphones

Smart Listening

Smart Listening by Adaptive Sound Control

Automatically detects your activity, whether you’re travelling in an airport, walking on a crowded street, or sitting in a quiet area — then balances the noise cancelling levels accordingly. You can customize them to your preferences with the Sony I Headphones Connect App.

Sony I Headphones Connect for Android or iOS

Download the Android or iOS app to use Smart Listening by Smart Auto-settings, control your ambient sound settings and adjust the sound levels with the Equalizer.

Compact design, clear sound, comfortable fit

Compact, minimalist design

Wear discreetly and comfortably in your ears all day long.

Built to stay put and keep playing

An ergonomic ear hook keeps your headphones in place, and the internal antenna and fitting supporter keep the signal strong for constant streaming.

Smart power, charge as you go

Charge and carry case

No need to worry about battery life, just place your headphones in the carry case to charge on the go.

Auto on / Auto off

Automatically turns on and off to save battery when not in use.

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