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A Game of Thrones / A Clash of Kings / A Storm of Swords / A Feast of Crows / A Dance with Dragons

(A Game of Thrones / A Clash of Kings / A Storm of Swords / A Feast of Crows / A Dance with Dragons)

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“The only fantasy series I’d put on a level with J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings . . . It’s a fantasy series for hip, smart people, even those who don’t read fantasy.”—


“Martin amply fulfills the first volume’s promise and continues what seems destined to be one of the best fantasy series ever written.”—



“Martin has produced—is producing, since the series isn’t over—the great fantasy epic of our era. It’s an epic for a more profane, more jaded, more ambivalent age than the one Tolkien lived in.”—Lev Grossman,


“Addictive . . . George R. R. Martin has created the unlikely genre of the realpolitik fantasy novel.”—



“Epic fantasy as it should be written: passionate, compelling, convincingly detailed and thoroughly imagined.”—


“I always expect the best from George R. R. Martin, and he always delivers.”—Robert Jordan

is the #1

bestselling author of many novels, including the acclaimed series A Song of Ice and Fire—


. As a writer-producer, he has worked on

and various feature films and pilots that were never made. He lives with the lovely Parris in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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