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Aquaman Mera Doll

(Aquaman Mera Doll)

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Marca: AQUAMAN no Brasil

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Quick Overview

• 12” scale Mera fashion doll with state of the art actress likeness

• Shimmering, soft goods, aqua scaled, battle suit

• Accessories include gauntlets, boots, tiara and water blast super power

• Jumpsuit and accessories are removable for fashion doll play

• You can also choose Mera doll in her premium jellyfish gown! Sold separately, subject to availability

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Defend Atlantis and reign supreme with this striking, true-to movie 12” scale Mera fashion doll! The stunning princess was created with state of the art techniques for lead actress and character authenticity. She wears a shimmering, soft goods, aqua scaled battle suit, has waist-length fiery red rooted hair, and an array of signature accessories. Her jumpsuit and accessories are fully removable for fashion play and include elbow-length gauntlets, sea foam knee boots, waist logo, tiara and iconic water blast super power! Enjoy exciting movie play, or pose Mera in a captivating display. You can also choose the Mera fashion doll in her premium Jellyfish gown to create a powerful, princess of Atlantis collection! Each fashion doll sold separately, subject to availability.

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