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Didax Educational Resources Unifix Cubes Set (100 Pack)

(Didax Educational Resources Unifix Cubes Set (100 Pack))

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Quick Overview

• For grades k-6

• The most popular manipulative for counting, operations, patterns and more!

• Made of durable practice

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This package includes 100 cubes in 10 standard colors: red, dark blue, light blue, yellow, green, orange, maroon, brown, black and white. This is a great starter set to introduce the world of unifix cubes, the industry's gold standard in math manipulative!.

From the manufacturer

unifix cubes unifix cubes unifix cubes unifix cubes operations unifix number line unifix cubes magnets
Unifix Cubes, set of 100 Unifix Cubes, set of 500 Unifix Cubes, set of 1000 Unifix Operations Tray Unifix 1-120 Number Line Unifix Large Magnets, set of 100
Package Contents 100 Unifix cubes in 10 bright colors 500 Unifix cubes in 10 bright colors 1,000 Unifix cubes in 10 bright colors 1 Unifix Operations Tray (cubes sold separately) 1 Unifix 1-120 Number Line, in 12 interlocking pieces (cubes sold separately) 100 Unifix magnets in 10 bright colors
Details The perfect size for home or for one or two students. An ideal size for expanding or replenishing your Unifix set at home or school. Choose this set of 1000 cubes for small group work or center activities. Addition and subtraction within 20 is the focus of this tool. An engaging way to develop fact fluency to 20. The Unifix 1-120 number line is an excellent visual aid for counting, measurement, and addition. Over 2" square, these magnetic Unifix cubes are great for demonstration, student activities, or classroom display.

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