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Aerolite scissor company

Japanese Hitachi Professional Hair Cutting Scissors-Premium ATS-314 Japanese Stainless Steel Haircut Shears-Diamond Point Edge-Barber Shear-Beautician Cosmetology Salon Scissor 6.0" Right Hand

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6.0 inch (Pack of 1)

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The Japanese Hitachi professional hair cutting scissors are forged from Japan's premium ATS-314 Japanese stainless steel. Lifetime Warranty
Military aircraft alloy handles on this pro style hair cutting shear provides featherweight lightness. Ergonomic design keeps hands, arms, and shoulders comfortable during long hours of cutting hair for the salon hair stylist or barber.
Hitachi blades are molten heat forged, subzero ice tempered, and brought to razor sharpness using diamond point abrasives for the longest lasting edge and durability.
New diamond point sharpening forms edge symmetry so pure on the scissors blade it leaves hair extremely healthy when cut compared to the standard Japanese convex blade or German style beveled blade.
Heavy duty reinforced screw assembly with industrial Swiss ball-bearings makes opening and closing the scissor effortless and cutting the thickest of hair a breeze! Aerolite shears are finalized by advanced CAM machinery that balances the blades to perfect parallel alignment.
Perform all professional hair cutting techniques and methods on women and men – barber – beautician – cosmetology – hairdressing – salon - hairstylist - 2 finger rings included for comforting any size fingers - Premium blade oil included.

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Aerolite ultra-performance professional Japanese hair cutting shears are engineered with industrial dependability, flawless precision, featherweight ergonomics, true natural hand comfort, and effortless motion. By defying eastern and western traditional scissor making methods, Aerolite has developed an exclusive manufacturing process that uses refined craftsmanship in welding and modern machinery to forge one solid, seamless, and sleek looking multidimensional hair cutting shear. This new enhanced hybrid hair scissor can handle any haircut or hair type and is satisfying the artistic needs of the barber, beautician, salon hair stylist, hairdresser, and cosmetology across the world. With streamline craftsmanship and modern engineering Aerolite Scissor Company is able to enhance the characteristics and performance of the traditional hair cutting scissor surpassing the previous Japanese and German standard for scissor making. In our testing we have pushed the 2-year limit in high traffic salon and barbershops without sharpening and our scissors are still going strong! Cut the thickest men’s and woman’s hair without a bind or blemish. Just smooth effortless motion! With superior quality at a budget friendly price, professionals are finding long term value in ownership and reliability for day-to-day business by choosing Aerolite Scissors.

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