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Push Up Board, Portable Multi-Function Foldable 20 in 1 Push Up Bar, Push Up Handles for Floor, Perfect Pushup Board Fitness, Iron Chest Pro Push Up

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Premium Quality Material: The push up board is made of ABS Ductile plastic that with strong toughness. The resistance band is made of high-density nylon webbing material, durable enough to withstand the pulling force of up to 250 lb. The non-slip push up handles provide a firm grip and distribute pressure evenly to reduce joint pressure. There are also added non-slip plugs to help stabilize your body while exercise
Effective Color-Coded Board: Multi-function push up bars specifically designed to target different muscle groups (chest, shoulder, triceps, biceps, and back) while engaging your core. Scientifically proven to activate 30% to 50% more muscles. Detailed instructions is provided with professional training guidance for developing your major and minor muscle groups
Made For Anyone: This Portable Home Gym sets is easy to carry, and it’s simple to assemble and store. Whether a beginner or pro, male or female, wherever you go, the XINRUI push up board elevates core and upper body strength training
Multipurpose Home Gym: The Foldable Pushup Board is color-coded for Multiple Highly Effectively pushup postures, optimize your push up technique and reduce errors,. Combining with Resistance Bands, it will allow you to get strength training, resistance workouts, and cardio exercise right at the comfort of your home! It perfect for your home gym or dedicated exercise equipment areas
Best Gift & Best Service: Give this home workout tool to your friend as a gift or share it with someone who wants to exercise! Promote fitness among those who surround you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will reply within 24 hours.Enjoy your purchase!

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XINRUI Multi-function Push Up Board — Push Up Stand, Handles, Resistance Bands, Portable Home Gym Accessories, Strength Training Equipment, Home Workout Equipment, Burn Fat Fitness for Men

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