Receive approximately 10 to 15 working days.

Product Return Policy and Refund Policy

Return to USA

All return products to the United States is at the expense and cost of the customer. Everything must be in its original box and all accessories included.


When you receive a package in your home or office, we recommend you to check for damages or any indication that the box or bag has been opened. If you do, tell the person that is bring in you the package and do not take it. Then, contact us via email or phone so we can assist you.


In the event that the package is ok, but when opened, you realised that the product is physically broken or is not the correct, contact us within the first 48 hours. Try not to alter the product more than already is because for us to reclaim our supplier and change it, we require that is under the exact same condition as you received it.

Once you communicate with us, we will send you a label that should be attached to the package, and sent to our warehouse in Miami, USA, by the Courier company you prefer. All costs generated until it reaches our offices in Miami, is your responsibility.


We will send back the product without charge, once we received what you sent us.

Local Return

If you are not satisfied with the product, TiendaMIA gives you the option of returning it in your country, within the first 7 days of reception (7 calendar days, if you receive a Monday, you have until the following Monday to return it), NOTE: "Special Order" products can not be returned.

Simply go to "My Account", and click on "Return products"..
Allí debes seguir los siguientes pasos (completa el formulario por cada producto que quieras retornar):

- Complete the form for each product you want return:
- Select the order that contains the product you want to return
- indicate whether the product came damaged or not
- indicate the reason why you are returning the product
- Click on "Send"

When you do this, you will receive an email with the label that you must print and attach to the product you are returning. You can also print it from your account on the web.
After completing these data, you have 10 days to return the product to the address provided. After this period of time, the return will not be valid.

Within 48 business hours, of receiving the product, we will credit 100% of the product value. The Shipping is not refundable.

Product price: U$S 100.00
Shipping costs: U$S 19.00
Total order: U$S 119.00
Total return: U$S 100.00

In any case, to return the product, it must have their original labels and boxes and must be intact, as well as you received it. We also demand the label that you print from your account, or from your email.

Remember if you want to return more than one product, you must complete the above steps for each of them.

After 7 days of reception, the product can not be returned.