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TiendaMIA give you U$S 15 for each Friends
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How does it work?
Enter in your account and start invite friends and familiars with our system.
All the times that your invited friends or familiars realize yours first purchase, you will be credited U$S 15 in your account..

When I can use the accredited money?
Once accredited this benefit, you have 6 months to use it and you can acumulate it with others. For each purchase you can decide the amount that you want to debit in the order, will being can be the total of the accumulated money, or partial in successives purchases.

Where apply it?
Choose the products you like, then go to cart and here under the products you find a field with the accumulated money to apply and discount.

How I see the accumulated money?
When you will have accredited money, entering into your account and you can see the money at the purchase history. You can win until U$S 1.500 inviting people that buy at TiendaMIA!!