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Cry Babies Bruny The Dragon, 12" Tall Doll - Amazon Exclusive

(Cry Babies Bruny The Dragon, 12" Tall Doll - Amazon Exclusive)

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Tipo: Bruny
Single 12 Doll Fancy Doll

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Quick Overview

• Just add water and they will magically cry real tears!

• Take out their pacifier and they will start crying like a real baby!

• Help soothe your Cry Babies by putting the pacifier in their mouth or gently laying them down and they'll stop crying

• Each doll comes with an attached pacifier and changeable animal print onesie

• Fully articulated head, arms and legs for added play value!

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Meet cry baby bruny. She lives in a magical fantasy world! She cries real tears and makes realistic baby sounds when you take away her pacifier! Give her sweet cuddles or gently lay her Down to stop her from crying. She also comes with her own changeable Dragon themed sparkly onesie that is so colorful! Cry Babies are so much fun and promote imaginative play!

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