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Cry Babies Magic Tears Bottle House Blind 3 Pack

(Cry Babies Magic Tears Bottle House Blind 3 Pack)

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Quick Overview

• As you unbox the mystery bottle house Capsule you will unveil the cutest fully articulated baby dolls with 8 hidden accessories!

• Use the included baby bottle to feed water to your cry baby Magic tears doll, squeeze their belly and watch them magically cry real tears before your eyes!

• Collect all 12+ dolls! Will you find lady the ladybug? Coney the bunny? Or Lala the mouse?

• Each bottle house comes with 8 surprise accessories! Some capsules contain special gold accessories!

• Discover the Cry Babies Magic Tears animated series on YouTube and prime video

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Discover the magical world of Cry Babies Magic Tears! As you unbox the mystery bottle house you will reveal the cutest little cry baby Magic tears that comes with 8 fun accessories: a bottle, a bow, a pacifier, a chair, and 4 accessories unique to each doll (2 personalized to each character, A blanket and a sticker sheet)! will you find the rare surprise golden accessories? Fill the bottle with water to feed your cry baby Magic tears and watch as they magically cry real tears when you press their bellies. There are 12+ to collect at launch! Look out for the exclusive rare character!

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