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RONLLNA Bible Verse Prayer Necklace Free Chain Christian Jewelry Stainless Steel Praying Hands Coin Medal Pendant

(RONLLNA Bible Verse Prayer Necklace Free Chain Christian Jewelry Stainless Steel Praying Hands Coin Medal Pendant)

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Quick Overview

• ♥MATERIAL♥ Coin charm pendant,inscripted with Bible words and famous praying hands.Environmental protecting stainless steel is used as the base to impart solidity and sturdiness to both pieces. Highly resistant to rust and corrosive buildups, ensuring it remains untarnished for years.

• ♥EXQUISITE CRAFT♥ Dimension: 1.7" x 1.1" (pendant),Chain length: 23 inches . 3MM Wide twisted wheat chain.The necklace is finished with premium quality polish for a sleek and sophisticated look.Rest assured the pieces have superb color retention abilities combined with exceptional longevity.

• ♥FEATURE♥ 18K Gold Plated ,a method of depositing a thin layer of 18K Rose Gold onto based material stainless steel.The necklace features oval and twisted oval links braided and woven to form intricately crafted wheat chains that exude manly aura and visual appeal.

• ♥DESIGN CONCEPT♥ Come with Ronglai design gift bag.Choose Fulfilled by FBA. The delicate design makes necklace look more layered.

• ♥Seller Warranty♥ 60-days return policy. Questions or concerns regarding the order will be answered within 24 hours.

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Más detalles del producto (Traducido por Google Translate)

Bible verse prayer necklace with free chain, Christian jewelry, Stainless Steel praying hands coin medal pendant.has 2 styles( silver and rose gold ).

Ronglai jewelries are designed by French jewelry designers, simple yet elegant. We dedicate to taking the lead of the affordable luxury fashion trends.

Our jewelry always being extraordinarily exquisite and inspiring, like the white flawless love. Ronglai jewelry is a gift full of love, carrying promise and confidence, expressing bless and appreciation.

Ronglai consistently creates fine jewelries, focusing on perfecting the quality of jewelries and services. Every detail makes sense, even with the most slight part. Due to strict screening of raw material, every piece of gemstone and crystal reaches the highest purity and presents with the best color. Ronglai jewelries reach the highest level of certification standard, each piece of them contains the deepest feeling of Ronglai staffs.

- Environmental friendly alloy 18K white gold plated

- PENDANT SIZE: 30mm*28mm

- WEIGHT: 20g

- Ronglai pendant necklace

- Fine gift brown velvet drawstring bag

Caring for Your pendant necklace:

1.Rub your necklace with baby wipes: they perform miracles on jewelry.

2.Then rub with a clean dry soft cotton cloth to bring back the shine.

3.Put them inside a soft cloth pocket or fabric swath, avoid it from rubbing against other jewelry,please take them off when you swim, take a shower, or other action involved in water.

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