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WD-40 BIKE: All-Conditions Lube, Dry Lube, Wet Lube, Bike Wash, Chain Degreaser

(WD-40 BIKE: All-Conditions Lube, Dry Lube, Wet Lube, Bike Wash, Chain Degreaser)

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All Conditions Bike Wash Dry Lube Degreaser Wet Lube

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Quick Overview

• Apply this lubricant to your bike chain for high-performing lubrication for dry, wet, or varying conditions. The fast and easy-to-use formula helps prevent squeaks and extends the life of your chain

• This formula contains corrosion inhibitors for long-term optimal chain performance

• Prevents friction damage and helps extend chain life for your bike. The no-wax formula will not build up inside chain links and drivetrain. Ride with chains you can trust in both dry and wet conditions

• Our entire product line has undergone extensive testing at the hands of internal and 3rd party scientists, bicycle retailers, and professional mechanics. Experience the difference of a professional-grade formula

• Community approved. WD-40 BIKE sets up hands-on wash stations at local bike events around the globe. They visit and set up shop while providing riders of all levels an opportunity to engage with each product for essential bike maintenance

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From the manufacturer

WD40 WD-40 bike chain dry lube lubricant wd-=40 biuke degreaser chain cleaner wd40 wd-40 bike wash cleaner foaming wd40 wd-40 bike all conditions lube lubricant chain wd40 wd-40 wet chain lube lubricant
Dry Lube 4oz Degreaser 10oz Cleaner 24oz All Conditions Lube 6 oz Wet Lube 4 oz
Specifically formulated for dry & dusty conditions. Polymers in the Dry Lube formula quickly form a dry film to protect your chain and repel dirt in arid or dusty conditions. Foaming action clings to drive train surfaces to deeply penetrate and quickly remove stubborn grease and grime. Safe for bike finishes. Safe and easy-to-use. The powerful biodegradable formula removes embedded grease and grime that can cause component wear and damage. Safe for all bike surfaces. Provides high-performing lubrication in dry, wet, or varying conditions. The easy-to-use formula helps prevent squeaks and extend the life of your chain, while preventing corrosion. Specially formulated for wet, muddy & extreme conditions. Wet Lube provides a durable coating that clings to your chain in harsh conditions, while repelling water and mud, and protecting your chain.

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