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BARK&SPARK Allergy Relief Dog Treats - Omega 3 + Pumpkin + Enzymes - Itchy Skin Relief - Seasonal Allergies - Anti-Itch & Hot Spots - Immune Supplement - Made in USA Soft Chews

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Peanut Butter
120 Chews
180 Chews
240 Chews (Pack of 2)

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One Stop Allergy Aid - prevent environmental pollutants, food and seasonal allergies, and ease symptoms like paw licking, itching, chewing & scratching, irritation, bald spots, rashes and hot spots
Dry Itchy Skin Relief + Immune Booster packed with healthy fats from Omega 3, DHA, EPA and specially blended nutrients and vitamins, chewable remedy supports canine immunity and boosts defences against allergen
Bark&Spark Commitment - we are keen to give best treatment to our furry customers and we take no compromise when it comes to product quality. Our aller bites are made in the USA, with human grade ingredients
Up to 2 Month Supply - with 120 chewables per jar you keep your pet healthy while not spending a fortune on overpriced supplements. Suitable for small and large pets of all breeds and ages, from puppy to senior dogs
Is Your Dog a Picky Eater? We stick to simple formulas rich in natural flavors, that could tempt a fussy eater. No hassle with pills, powder, tablets or capsules

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