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ammoon Guitar Tuner, Clip on Tuner Large LCD Display, Battery Included

(ammoon Guitar Tuner, Clip on Tuner Large LCD Display, Battery Included)

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Quick Overview

• Supprts Multiple Tunings: This clip on tuner support six modes: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele(C), Ukulele(D)

• Precise Vibration Tuner: with high precision,high sensitivity and fast tuning measuring ways, it reacts quickly to vibration of the instrument, without being disturbed by background noise. The precision is about ±1 cent

• Clear LCD Screen: The large screen will provide you clear and clean view experience with no shaking or ghosting,

• Easy to Operate: Small size with only one button control all things. 360° rotation, flexible to adjust the screen position for better reading

• Auto Power Off: With automatic shut-off function for battery power saving, it will power off automatically in 3 minutes for no operation. CR2032 Battery Included

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