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Smart Watch for Kids 4-12 Years Boys Girls, 26 Puzzle Games,HD Camera,Video Music Player,Pedometer,Flashlight,Calendar Stopwatch Timer,Alarm Clock, Aluminum Case,Sport Band (Blue)

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⌚SMART WATCH FOR KIDS: Our Smart Watch packs an impressive range of features into a user-friendly design. With a 1.5-inch IPS HD color touch screen, HD camera, and rich features such as 26 puzzle games, a video & music player, pedometer, stopwatch, timer, voice recorder, calendar, calculator, parent control, and more. It provides entertainment, convenience, and peace of mind.
🎮 26 PUZZLE GAMES: Designed to enhance your child's cognitive skills, our expertly crafted games provide a platform for developing logical thinking, strategic planning, manual dexterity, and quick reaction times. Help your child become a creative problem solver .
📷📹 : GD07 is equipped with a high-quality selfie camera and AVI video function. The advanced features of our smartwatch empower kids to capture and record their most memorable moments. To ensure optimal utilization of the music player function, please assist your children in uploading MP3 and AVI videos using the provided data cable.
🛠 1 GB FREE SD CARD: a 1 GB SD card that comes pre-installed on the smartwatch itself, completely eliminating the need for a separate purchase. Additionally, we have carefully curated a collection of captivating visuals, melodious compositions, and educational videos that are specifically designed to engage and captivate young learners.
🔋 500 mAh LARGE CAPACITY BATTERY: This smartwatch is equipped with a reliable and high-capacity 500 mAh battery. With a single full charge cycle that only takes one hour, this smartwatch ensures long-lasting functionality for your child. It provides continuous operation for a period of 3-6 days, so you won't have to worry about frequent charging.
🎵 MUSIC VIDEO PLAYER: This smartwatch comes fully equipped with a built-in music and video player that serves as a convenient and enjoyable feature. With it, users are able to easily access and enjoy their favorite tunes without the hassle of having to use additional equipment. Its effortless design makes it a popular choice amongst both parents and children, leaving music a universal language that can be enjoyed by all.
❔USB CHARGING & WATER RESISTANCE: Our smartwatch is built to offer convenience and durability for everyday use. For optimal performance, we recommend fully charging the device before first use. Please note that although the watch has a limited water resistance rating, it is not suitable for swimming or bathing. Avoiding such activities helps prevent accidental damage and ensures the watch's longevity.

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