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Safe sport gear

The House Ball - The Original Soft and Safe Indoor Soccer Ball Size 4 Created for Inside Your Home and Yard - Fun Soccer Gift - Perfect Kids Soccer Ball

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Don't be fooled by knockoffs of The House Ball. Our product was designed in the USA, produced by a world-class soccer ball specific factory, and was extensively tested and issued a Children’s Product Certificate to ensure it is compliant with USA regulations.
This indoor training soccer ball is perfect as a toddler soccer ball, juggling trainer, wall pass ball, and indoor rondo ball. It will not scratch your walls and is very quiet. It’s great for any age and extensively tested by kids 4-12 years of age.
Designed to be the best indoor soccer ball for kids 4-6 to use on days they can’t get outside to play. Pair with other soccer training equipment to level up!
A shock absorbing foam layer that takes the sting out of kicking or getting hit by the ball will make this small soccer ball your size 4 soccer ball for indoors. This nearly silent soccer ball keeps parents happy and kids entertained.
Better than standard nerf balls for kids. This soccer ball size 4 provides a low-impact soccer ball option for inside the house. This youth soccer ball goes easy on your home with its nerf ball feel!

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Are you a soccer fanatic? Or are you just looking for a way to keep your kids active while they're indoors? Look no further than The House Ball! The House Ball was designed in North America to bring the joy of soccer inside of the home. This awesome ball is perfect for sharing fun activities while inside of the house. It's great for kids that live in areas without backyards, and it's also fun for the whole family to play with. Plus, it won't scratch up your walls or floors, so you can keep it on hand all the time! Whether you're training the next soccer star or just looking for a way to keep your kids active, The House Ball is the perfect choice for you! The House Ball is the perfect soft and safe training soccer ball for kids. This size 4 soccer ball is ideal for use inside of your house, so you can keep your little ones safe while they learn to play. The House Ball is also a great size for little feet and hands, making it easy for them to grip and control. Plus, it's built for durability, so you can keep using it for years to come. Whether you're looking for a fun way to keep your kids active or a safe alternative to playing outside, the House Ball is a great choice. Two main components to kids excelling at sports is time practicing and enjoying their time when playing. The House Ball solves both of these problems at once. The beautiful multi-color pattern was purposely chosen to align with scientific studies that show that kids gravitate toward deep and rich colors. Along with the soft and realistic feel of this high quality constructed soccer ball, kids will want to keep the ball at their feet during the day at the house. This means more touches on the ball as they dribble around the house. Extensive product testing also proved that this ball was chosen over many other options time and time again in home settings by kids ages 4 through 12 years old. Enjoyment and more time with the ball for your child are the goals of this product.

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