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Baby Burp Cloths Baby Burp Set Curved Absorbent and Soft Valuable 4 Pack

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100% Cotton
Baby burp cloths 4 valuable pack, 19” by 9”, large and wide enough for nursing baby and protecting your cloths.
The burp cloths is thoughtfully designed, has curve in the middle, well fit your neck and shoulder.
The burp cloths is 100% cotton, on the one side is vivid and cute different types of printing, on the other side is towel like material, but finer, soft and absorbent, will help staying still on the shoulder, not slip easily.
The cotton weaving density is high, so the burp cloths is thick and can maintain its shape well. After several washes, the material can get even softer, it can absorb the liquid quickly, keep your baby away from suffer.
The burp cloths won’t shrink and crinkle easily, it will always be neat and nice. When you go out with your baby, you can just roll it up to put in your nursing bag, really convenient.

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4 valuable pack19” by 9”100% cottonThank you for your time! If you want to know more about it please read the following: Fantastic workmanship, totally hand made by only top workers, you can see perfect sewing work anywhere, it is very hard to make these edgeless burp cloths, only skilled workers can do it well but still cost more time than normal edging ways.Perfect cutting, each burp cloth is exactly the same size, we only pick the perfect ones, it is almost the first class standard of making expensive clothing.Waterproof, can better protect your clothes, it will increase our cost but we only want to offer the best products.Nice material, both the printing layer and towel layer are all good quality cotton.

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