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The Golden Secrets of Lettering: Letter Design from First Sketch to Final Artwork

(The Golden Secrets of Lettering: Letter Design from First Sketch to Final Artwork)

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"A clever visual table of contents begins the book, and every page thereafter is dynamically filled with diagrams, photos, and many examples of lettering. Readers with at least some prior drawing experience are best poised to benefit from this highly educational art instruction book." - Library Journal, starred review

"The Golden Secrets of Lettering is a must-have book for any designer or artist interested in the world of lettering. Martina's talents are on full display throughout the book, with handwritten captions explaining her thought process, lettering details and design tips." - Uppercase Magazine

"If you've been itching to try your hand at lettering, then The Golden Secrets of Lettering by custom lettering and typography master Martina Flor would be an ideal starting place. It's a pleasure to flip through, admire the beautiful letterforms, and get inspired. This would make an incredible gift for any inspiring typographers." - Typo-Graphical

Martina Flor combines her talents as both a designer and an illustrator in the drawing of letters. She grew up in Buenos Aires and studied in Spain and the Netherlands. Based now in Berlin, she works with a focus on type, lettering and illustration for clients all over the world. She is the founder of Letter Collections, co-founder of the project Lettering vs. Calligraphy and the creator of the series of workshops Good Type. Her work has been featured in many publications and she teaches and lectures extensively.

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