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Kids Preferred Bella Ballerina Blonde Doll

(Kids Preferred Bella Ballerina Blonde Doll)

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Quick Overview

• Babies are always ready to learn with on-the-go developmental toys

• Encourages interactive play and fine motor skill development

• Makes for the perfect play (and nap time) companion for your baby

• Features textures and colors that will both stimulate and comfort your little one

• Amaze your little one by bringing their favorite character to life

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Más detalles del producto (Traducido por Google Translate)

Hello Baby Bella Ballerina Doll will inspire cuddles and creativity in your little doll with her soft and cuddly body and sweet details. Golden blonde hair and blue eyes, a striped pink and white shirt with a heart of gold, and a sweeping white ballerina skirt grace the design of this perfect first plush doll for your baby girl! With pink and golden slippers up on her feet, Bella Ballerina will dance right into your heart, and is sure to become baby's first best friend.

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