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Cry Babies Pearly Gets Sick & Feels Better

(Cry Babies Pearly Gets Sick & Feels Better)

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Kristal Pearly

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Marca: Cry Babies no Brasil

Peso com empaque: 1.540kg

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Quick Overview

• What is the matter with pearly?

• When you remove the pacifier, pearly will start crying real teras and makes realistic baby noises

• When her heart beats fast, pearly is sick!

• If she starts to cough, she has a cold. Make sure you give her her medicine!

• Use the thermometer to check if she has a Fever. If so, use a wet cloth on her forehead to help make her Fever go away.

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Cry Babies pearly cries real tears and makes actual baby noises when you remove her pacifier. She will also get sick and needs You to take care of her! She comes with 6 accessories to help make her better!

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