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Philips AVENT 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer

(Philips AVENT 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer)

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Marca: Philips AVENT no Brasil

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Quick Overview

• Kills 99.9 percentage of harmful germs and bacteria without using chemicals

• Sterilizes in just 6 minutes with automatic shut off for speed and safety

• Keeps contents sterile for up to 24 hours if the lid is unopened; It is philips avent range compatible

• 3 in 1 adjustable modular design allows you to fit a variety of bottles, pumps and accessories

• At full capacity, fits up to 6 Philips Avent 11 ounce bottles, Voltage : 110 Volt

• Material: Polypropylene

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With its adjustable size, the Philips Avent 3-in-1 electric steam sterilizer takes up the least amount of kitchen space yet perfectly fits the items you want to sterilize whether it’s a few small items or a full load.Features: Adjustable 3-in-1 design The sterilizer's unique modular design enables you to fit the bottles and accessories flexibly, and organize them easily Killing 99.9% of harmful germs without using chemicals The sterilizing cyle lasts just 6 minutes, After this time, the sterilizer automatically shuts off, giving you extra speed and safety Holds up to six 330 ml / 11oz Philips Avent Classic and Natural bottles to be sterilized at once The sterilizer will keep its contents (baby bottles, soothers etc.) sterile for up to 24 hours if the lid is unopened

Customer help-line at 1-800-542-8368

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