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RDX Weight Lifting Belt Gym Fitness, Cowhide Leather, 4” 6” Padded Lumbar Back Support, 10 Adjustable Holes, Weightlifting Powerlifting Bodybuilding Deadlift Squat Workout Strength Training, Men Women

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DURABILITY AND RESILIENCE-Genuine cowhide leather is used to make the 7 mm thick weightlifting belt for men and women which maximizes pressure absorption and management. By helping the users harness their inner power, the powerlifting belt becomes useful for training, deadlifting, squatting, Olympic lifting, and cross-training among other work out routines of fitness and exercise.
BETTER LUMBAR SUPPORT-RDX cares for its champions' needs. That's why we offer this belt in 4-inch and 6-inch variations each with a wide padded back for superior lumbar support and to help you brace effectively before lifting. This unisex weight lifting belt is ideal for heavy workouts with various gym equipment. We have released this belt in a range of different colors and sizes for you to choose according to your style and preference.
REINFORCED RELIABILITY-High-quality industrial-grade steel is used in the adjustable roller buckle with twin prongs which helps prevent slipping and riding of the strength training gym belt. The reinforced rivets work in conjunction with the roller buckle to maximize support.
ENHANCED ADJUSTABILITY-The dual-pronged buckle can be adjusted on any of the 10 precision-drilled holes for the optimal fitting of the gym training belt, while the additional leather flap prevents direct contact of the buckle with the body to minimize discomfort.
COMFORTABLE WEARABILITY-The suede leather inner of the weight lifting belt for women and men makes it comfortable as well as durable for long term use in the gym during squats, deadlifts, and other workouts by powerlifter athletes.
REMINDER-Please reaffirm that your measuring technique is IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE MEASURING INSTRUCTIONS provided in the size chart. Belt measurements taken at pant size would result in WRONG BELT SIZE. If your waist size falls between two sizes in a relaxed state, please remember to CHOOSE THE UPPER SIZE for maximum utility and lasting satisfaction. PLEASE RECHECK BEFORE BUYING AND DO NOT CONFUSE YOUR PANT SIZE WITH YOUR WAIST SIZE.

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RDX Weightlifting belt is made with cowhide leather to absorb pressure during workouts. With the 4-inch-wide SpongeX Padding in the back and a dual-pronged buckle in the front, the belt holds its position steadily while maximizing user comfort. With 10 precision holes, the belt can be adjusted according to the individual physique, while the comfort is maximized with the suede leather interior.

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