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Vila Dog Broom Holder, Hangs Leashes and Doggie Bags, for Organizing Pet Supplies and Storing Breed Accessories, Gray Plastic Hook and Slot Arrangement, Can Hold Many Petcare Tools

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Make life simpler --- The Vila Dog Broom holder has your back with keeping up with pet things! It can hold dog leashes, dog coats and even the essentials for wash day. The five slots are great for brooms, mops, litter scoops, and stick scrub sponges while the hooks can hold smaller items as well for your furry friend.
Stays in place! --- You know those annoying hooks and hangers that move (or fall) around all the time? Or when you have to look for that favorite broom? Not anymore! The Vila Dog Broom holder keeps all of your clarifying tools in one place and out of the way. There won’t be any gadgets or dog accessories playing hide-n-seek when you need it the most.
Minimalistic and must-have accessory --- If you have a small living space, the Vila Dog Broom holder is your best friend. It’s not bulky and doesn’t scream “Here I am”. It blends in with your walls while keeping your pets away from knocking anything over. Win-win situation!
Versatile usage --- You know you can use the Vila Dog Broom holder inside your house or apartment, but did you know you can also use it outside? You can place it in your closet, in the hallway, in the garage, or even on the side of your home. The possibilities are never ending!
Look and feel clearer! --- The messiness of a home with dogs is already a task to deal with. The Vila Dog Broom holder enhances the overall look of your washing and storing station. You’ll have a neat and precise area that clearly displays what is what.

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