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Hot Wheels City Cobra Crush Playset

(Hot Wheels City Cobra Crush Playset)

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Cobra Crush Super Bank Blast Out Smashin  Triceratops Super Spin Dealership

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Quick Overview

• Big Hot Wheels City set with gigantic Cobra that can trap cars in his jaws

• Ignite kids' imagination and storytelling play with this challenge to save Hot Wheels city

• Crush the Cobra by launching a car over his head and down his tail for an awesome heroic moment of freeing a friend's car and defeating the Cobra

• Easy to reset, just pull the flag up to lock the Cobra in place and get going again!

• Build a Hot Wheels City by connecting other City play sets together. New City play sets are also compatible with orange track and other sets

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Fuel kid's imagination when a giant Cobra attacks Hot Wheels City and captures cars in his jaws! This exciting set provides storytelling play based on heroic action and skill when kids launch their car and try to jump over the Cobra's head to avoid his venomous bite! Oh no, he's captured a car in his jaws! Now the challenge is to crush the Cobra and launch another car to free the trapped vehicle! Launch the car just right and hit the Cobra's face to release the car OR land on the Cobra's back to roll down to the bottom of his tail to trigger the release of the trapped car AND take down the entire Cobra at the same time! Adjust the Cobra's head for different results— increase the level of difficulty and improve launching skills and timing. Cars can also be trapped in the bell tower in the middle of the Cobra's coil. Save friends trapped in the giant Cobra's jaws or the bell tower with the train station themed launcher using skill and timing! Build your own Hot Wheels City by connecting other City play sets together. City play sets are also compatible with orange track and other sets. Includes one Hot Wheels vehicle.

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